LeBron has a chance to break into Paul Pierce’s All-Time 5

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Paul Pierce may finally accept the truth and respect LeBron for what he is.

LeBron James and Paul Pierce competed on the court for years, with the former often standing in the way of the latter’s championship aspirations. Since ending his playing days, Pierce has held a bit of animosity toward James, routinely undercutting the King’s achievements.

Now, Paul Pierce seems ready to put those past memories behind him and accept LeBron’s greatness. Wasting no time on NBA Countdown, Pierce jumped right to the point.

If LeBron James wins his fourth title with three different franchises I would put LeBron James back on my all-time top 5 NBA players. He’d be one of the few who have won the Championship and been the guy. He’d be the MVP if they win – for three different franchises.

Now for most people, James would be an easy choice for the Mount Rushmore of NBA history. However, Pierce is not like most people when it comes to talking about LeBron.

Back in May, Pierce placed James outside of his top-5, arguing that he did not build an organization like the other greats on his list.

Despite having three titles, four MVPs, 16 All-Star appearances and unanimously being seen as the NBA’s best, Pierce did not agree that was good enough. A fourth Larry O’Brien Trophy would change his mind.

If LeBron James enters Paul Pierce’s Top-5, who goes off the list?

If Pierce stays true to his word, someone will be booted off his list. Celtics legend Bill Russell, Kareem, Jordan, Magic and Kobe comprise Pierce’s five, and it does not seem like there is enough room for three Lakers legends.

Paul Pierce has often been one for wild takes when it comes to LeBron but it is good to see him come to his senses. In case LeBron needed any other motivation to win the Finals this season, now he has it.

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