Skip Bayless says LeBron James is disqualified from the GOAT conversation

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Skip Bayless no longer believes LeBron James can belong in the GOAT conversation.

One bad fourth quarter in the Los Angeles Lakers‘ Game 1 loss to the Phoenix Suns was enough for FS1’s Skip Bayless to remove LeBron James from the GOAT conversation entirely.

For a man with takes hotter than 10,000 fiery suns, it was only fitting for the Undisputed co-host to knock King James down a peg after a bad playoff loss to the Suns. Bayless and his co-host Shannon Sharpe were already on one Monday when they put Julio Jones on the line for him to say he is done with the Atlanta Falcons. We are not even through the first day of the workweek, y’all!

Good luck trying to get your head around what Bayless said about James in its entirety.

Skip Bayless believes LeBron James can no longer be in GOAT conversations

While you can argue every day and night until the sun comes up again about who is the GOAT when it comes to the NBA, to say James is no longer in that conversation is just ridiculous. The man may be one ring short of Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, two short of Michael Jordan and seven short of Bill Russell, but James should at the very least be in the GOAT conversation.

Though James has been a shell of himself this season with one injury after another, he will eventually become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer if he keeps on playing into his late 30s. Despite being the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference down 0-1 to the No. 2-seeded Suns, this is James’ best last chance at winning another title. He is not getting any younger, that’s for sure.

One bad game from James vs. the Suns should not remove him from the GOAT conversation.

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