3 reasons why the Warriors probably won’t trade for Damian Lillard

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Damian Lillard may be traded this offseason, but probably not to the Golden State Warriors.

With Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard not exactly thrilled with the franchise hiring Chauncey Billups as their next head coach, he could ask for a trade, but he is probably not going to the Golden State Warriors.

Lillard may rock the 0 for Oakland, Ogden and Oregon, but the Bay Area native is not likely to be heading to the Warriors if he were to be traded. While dealing a perennial All-NBA performer in-conference is a bad idea in its own right, there are several other reasons why it will never be Dame Time in the City by the Bay. Golden State does not have the assets to make a deal work here.

Here are three reasons why if Lillard is traded this summer it will not be to the Warriors.

Damian Lillard: 3 reasons why he won’t be traded to Golden State Warriors

3. Andrew Wiggins as the centerpiece of a deal for a superstar is not attractive

The first reason a deal between the Warriors and the Trail Blazers for Lillard is not going happen is pretty simple really: Who is Golden State going to send Portland’s way that would be enticing for their best player? Stephen Curry is untouchable, obviously, and Draymond Green is not the player he was a few years ago. In all likelihood, Andrew Wiggins would have to be in the trade package.

Though Wiggins could have a nice second or third act of his NBA career with another team, he is not an All-Star-level performer. Golden State would have to give up more to land Lillard, enough to probably make its non-playoff team over the last two seasons even worse. The Warriors would be mortgaging their future with all of their notable players being in the early 30s after a Lillard trade.

Wiggins to Portland would signify the Trail Blazers are rebuilding. Golden State should be better by adding Lillard, at least enough to the point where the Warriors are no longer dipping their toes into the NBA Draft lottery anymore. The Trail Blazers would have to pass on trading Lillard to Golden State if it were a package centered around Wiggins and 2022 draft compensation in the early 20s.

Portland will presumably get a better offer elsewhere than what the Warriors could put together.

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