Shaquille O’Neal wonders if any team in the NBA wants Ben Simmons

Shaquille O’Neal continued his criticism of Ben Simmons as Simmons continued his holdout in Philadelphia.

Shaquille O’Neal has a reminder for Ben Simmons. The two have at least one thing in common.

“In all my championships, I shot 30-40 percent in the Finals ( from the free-throw line ),” O’Neal told FanSided. “That’s not what it takes to win a championship, but I was so dominant in the paint and so dominant on the defensive end and so dominant in rebounding that didn’t matter.”

O’Neal is giving himself less credit than he actually deserves as a career 48 percent foul line shooter in the NBA Finals. Meanwhile, Simmons shot 32 percent from the free-throw line in this year’s playoffs, 52 percent in his playoff career. The advice for Simmons comes from how Shaq played the game despite his struggles at the foul line.

“I don’t give a damn if I miss 90 free throws in a row, I’m not going to stop ducking in, I’m not going to stop getting the jump hook, I’m not going to stop trying to get the opponents in foul trouble because even though if you have a deficiency in your game if you do great on all the other stuff that deficiency won’t matter,” O’Neal said.

Ben Simmons needs to do more than just make free throws

Simmons now wants to play in the playoffs for another team and is holding out for a trade that Philadelphia has yet to make. O’Neal wonders if there is any team in the NBA that would even want Simmons and his $177 million contract that does not expire until 2025.

“He has definitely been exposed and then my question is why is he mad,” O’Neal asked. “Who are you mad at? You mad because the coach hurt your little feelings? If you tell the truth and you hurt my feelings that means I have work to do. That’s it. Phil Jackson used to do it all the time and then because of his resume and who he is I couldn’t say nothing but you’re right. So when they ask Doc Rivers can you win a championship with Ben at that time, no, you can’t. Talented guy, defense, rebound, run but I think he really got exposed last year with how tough he is up here. He wants to be traded now but who wants him?”

Both Sacramento and Minnesota have been rumored destinations for Simmons but the Kings reportedly want to stick with their core group. The proof seems to be in the pudding. Simmons is still stuck in Philadelphia where he may eventually realize is his only option to play basketball and make a living.

“I don’t what is going to happen but its going to start to get interesting with the fine every day and we are holding your $8 million back and you are buying a $15 million house in L.A. that is going to start to get interesting,” O’Neal said. “We are going to see who is smart and who’s not smart.”

The only option for Simmons may be to return to Philadelphia. How long will Simmons wait is an answer only Simmons and maybe his account know the answer to.

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