Ben Simmons just put his New Jersey mansion on the market

While suspended, Ben Simmons made a significant move on the housing market, putting up his $5 million New Jersey mansion up for sale. 

Ben Simmons has made it clear for months that he wants out of Philadelphia.

Now, he’s finally making the financial moves to make it happen.

While suspended, Simmons reevaluated his Moorestown, New Jersey mansion and put it on the market for $4,999,999. When Simmons bought the house in Nov. 2019, it was sold for $2.275 million.

The luxurious home includes five beds, six baths and contemporary design touches, such as zebra kitchen countertops and Sub Zero appliances. An expansive breakfast nook, sleek office and dreamlike master bathroom make this beautiful listing appealing — but that’s not even the best part.

Who wants to buy Ben Simmons’ mansion?

What makes this mansion Simmons’ home is a green neon sign that spells “Simmo the Savage”, which is Simmons’ gamer tag. A hallway features several of Simmons’ jerseys framed upon the wall. Simmons’ gaming room even features “its own full-service bar, bathroom and candy room.”

While Simmons’ status for the 76ers’ Friday game against the Brooklyn Nets remains unclear, his decision to put his house up for sale indicates that he does not plan on staying in Philadelphia for long. To make such a significant financial decision implies not only that Simmons wants to move, but that he now expects to.

Housing sales stoke rumors about upcoming player moves, such as when Tom Brady listed his Massachusetts home before his shocking decision to leave New England.

An intriguing facet of this is that Simmons does have another home: in July, he purchased a $17.5 million California farmhouse outside Los Angeles in Hidden Hills, California.

Does the summer purchase indicate an interest of eventually ending up in L.A.? Only time will tell, but for now, Simmons is clearly making moves to move on from Philly, which now appears to be an eventuality.

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